Birth Control

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The birth of a child from women womb is the situation that completes the women. Giving birth to the child and nurturing them is one of the best blessing women get from god. However, before bringing a child into the world couples want to be financially strong, so that they can provide the best life for their child. “And” if they found themselves lacking in money and savings so they wait for right time to come and meanwhile they avert pregnancy by using protections.

Women opt for various birth control procedures like as IUD DEVICE, spermicide, chemical or physical rubber condoms, vaginal rings, female condoms and many more. But with time, they start causing trouble to women or cause infection and also make lovemaking less pleasing. Hence, women started making use of birth control as they found it best method of pregnancy prohibition.

Birth control intake every day at a same time works amazingly on women body and also reduces the chances of pregnancy or couple can enjoy lovemaking without any hurdle.

The birth control pills comprise combination hormonal pills and protracted cycle pills. The oral contraceptives are normally prepared from two bouncing hormones called estrogen and progestin. These birth control pills avert the discharge of an egg from the ovary throughout the menstrual cycle and build the vaginal fluid so dense that sperm does not bind to the egg for fertilization. The pills come in a pack of 21 tablets or 28 tablets. Various birth control pills that are easily accessible at our site includes of Ovral L, Yasmin pills, Yaz, Femilon, Mircette, Ovral G, Dianette, Diane and Dronis, Loette.

Emergency pills also come under birth control which helps women to avoid pregnancy if they have performed intimacy without protection. These pills are vital to consume within 72 hours of defenseless intimacy and include I-pill, unwanted 72 and Plan B pill.

Abortion pills also come under part of birth control as they remove the unwanted fetus from womb if any and include MTP KIT, Mifepristone, Misoprostol, RU486, Mifegyn, Mifeprex, Korlym, and Cytotec.