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Parenthood is a natural phenomenon when it is planned it brings immense happiness and joy to the women’ life. However, when pregnancy is unplanned, it imposes negative health consequences and psychological effects on women and their child. Pregnancy and caring a child requires lots of energy, economic resources and time that is why it is nearly impossible for women with unintended pregnancy to cope with their pregnancy. Majority of women have opted an abortion to end their pregnancy because they find trouble in carrying out their pregnancy to full terms. The only solution left for women is that why not they prevent their pregnancy instead of putting their lives at the risk of unplanned or unintended pregnancy.

The prevention of pregnancy allows sensually active women to focus on their education, structuring their career or business, or spending more with their partner to build a lifetime relationship. Earlier, people utilize various birth control measures to prevent women from getting pregnant, but today, the development and availability of oral contraceptives made the birth control stress-free and safer. The introduction of hormonal contraceptive pills offers huge benefits to women by preventing them to become the victim of unplanned or unintended pregnancy. Nowadays, family planning revolves around the utilization of hormonal contraceptive pills by the women that allows them to decide “how many children they want and when they have them. The utilization of hormonal contraceptive pills not only allows the couples to have their desired number of children but also help them to control the spacing and timing of their births

Hormonal contraceptive pills, when used efficiently, can take the worry out of intimacy, meaning that women and their male partners can enjoy their intimate life without fear of getting unintentionally pregnant. Hormonal contraceptive pills generally comprise of two generic hormones named as estrogen and progestin. Hormonal contraceptive pills are generally categorized into three categories like combined oral contraceptive pills (containing both estrogen and progestin), mini-oral contraceptive pills (progestin-only pills), and emergency contraceptive pills.

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