Infertility Therapy

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Infertility is defined as the lack of ability of a couple to conceive a child after 1 year of defenseless sensual intercourse acts. According to the survey, nearly 10 % of women of age 15 to 44 years are facing trouble in conceiving a child. It is not that only women are responsible for the failure to conceive a child, in 45 to 50 % of cases, men are responsible for the failure to make their partner pregnant. The decline in the women’s fertility generally occurs with aging and most of the women become infertile because of decline in their bodies hormonal level. The decline in the hormones causes infertility in women by creating any of these troubles including anovulation, menstrual troubles, improper maturation of the egg, and miscarriage.

The improper functioning of fallopian tubes may also play a vital role in developing barrenness in women. The malfunction of fallopian tubes occurs due to any of these medical cases including sexually transmitted diseases, abdominal ailments like appendicitis or colitis, previous surgeries, ectopic pregnancy, inherited defects in women. Endometriosis is another factor responsible for causing fertility troubles in women. Male infertility generally occurs due to low sperm creation, abnormal sperm function or obstructions that thwart the delivery of sperm. Sometimes, imbalanced diets, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, or drug addiction or abuse are extremely responsible for causing fertility troubles in both men and women.

The treatments like intrauterine insemination, assisted reproductive technology, hysteroscopic surgery and medications like Clomiphene, HCG injections, or Medroxyprogesterone are employed to treat fertility troubles in barren women. Medications, surgery, sperm retrieval, and modifying lifestyle factors are a few crucial treatment options for the fertility troubles in men.

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