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Women and men usually experience same medical issues, but women also experience some other health issues as they have different reproductive organs than men. Every day women body experience lots of changes in her body. From girl they become women, and they get married and become wife or mother. All these changes may impact their health and make them annoying in nature.

Many women experience pregnancy again and again might be wanted or unwanted, and lead to painful delivery or abortion, Childbirth also becomes risky sometimes and lead to women death, sometimes as of responsibilities and personal issues she does not want to get pregnant and for that, she has to take help of birth control pills. Every month they have to experience menstrual cycle and any small changes in their cycle make them irritated and annoying. Apart from that, they have to be sexually active on the bed to provide pleasure to the men. But during hectic work schedule and while maintaining a balance between work and personal life they forget to take care about self and can’t provide pleasure to the men they want and started avoiding the intimacy which hampers her married life.

After the age of 45, they start noticing premenopausal symptoms like as hot flashes, low sex drive and many more which causes a lot of pain. Female hormones are different from men and any small alteration in hormone level lead to many changes and cause some disease like PCOS, ovarian cancer, infertility in women and acne or weight gain. We think women useless, but it is not true to keep the family happy they have to do lots of sacrifices and even have to ignore their health. So, to continue with her superpower women have to take care of self and if they experience any health-related issues then they have to visit the gynecologist for help as many medical options are there for every trouble of women reproductive system.

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