Erection in men is a natural phenomenon that takes place when sexual excitement takes place in men during cuddling with a partner or while watching some sexual scene in the movie. These happen as of the release of nitrite oxide during stimulation, which causes the flow of blood in inactive penile and makes them harder. But, sometimes the erection does not take place as of poor lifestyle, stress, high intake of alcohol, all the factor that hampers blood flow in men penile. The erection problem becomes a matter of concern when you start observing changes in your erection on regular basis. Thus, if anything happens like that have a talk with your partner and discuss the trouble with the doctor so that he can suggest you medication on time. The possible treatment of your erection failure is ED medication that includes of Cenforce.

Cenforce is one of the most popular drugs indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug makes the men penile harder and firm again for intimacy by increases the supply of blood towards penile. It is the safest medication having FDA approval for erection management. It is taken by 80% of men across the world for erection management. Hence, we suggest men take the assistance of Cenforce if notice any changes in their erection.

The sildenafil there in the drug belongs to the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. The drug shows its action by blocking the working of PDE-5 enzyme and inhibits the breakdown of cGMP substance into the body. The sexual stimulation in men during cuddling makes the release of nitric oxide in the body, which further causes the relaxation of blood vessels of penile. These further provide enough amount of blood in penile to make erection harder. Buy Cenforce 100 mg online in USA.

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Cenforce oral tablets are accessible under the dose strength of 50,100, 150 and 200mg. The men facing the trouble of erection can take the medication starting from the lower strength. The one dose of one hour early to the intercourse is indicated once in a day for erection. The drug would take 30 minutes to show its action and stay in the body for the period of 5 hours. Therefore, only one dose of Cenforce is suggested in a day.

The use of Cenforce may cause some adverse effects as of muscle pain, body pain, chest pain, dizziness, drowsiness, and vision changes, ringing sound in the ear, facial flushing, nasal decongestion and stomach upset.

The men taking of Cenforce should have to avoid the ingestion of alcohol, smoking and grapefruit juices as it may worsen drug side effects. The use of Cenforce should be avoided if you are taking nitrate component for heart complications. Do not put fatty food in your diet as it may cause poor absorption of the drug. Do not take Cenforce if you are suffering from liver, kidney, heart, blood and allergic reaction. It may cause dizziness impact hence take caution while drive or doing machinery work.

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