Lashes are like beautiful, bendable, tiny little hairs that keep protecting your eyes. We fall in love with our wavy and thicker lashes. Our lashes are delicate and caring for them properly is required rather than damaging them with curling, mascara, and other beauty techniques. The important thing about eyelashes is that they are hairs and as long as healthy follicles are there, it keeps on growing.

Understand the basic growth stages:

  • Anagen stage
  • Catagen stage
  • Telogen stage

Our lashes remain in anagen phase round about 30-45 days. At this time upper and lower lashes grow at a time. At Catagen phase lashes ceases to grow and follicles start to shrink. Phase sustains for 3 week time. Telogen phase lasts for 100 days till old lashes fall out and new lashes begin to grow.

HYPOTRICHOSIS is the phenomena where people have little or thin eyelashes. Thin lashes are the biggest flaw in your eye beauty. Women having inadequate eye lashes are desperate to have a bigger one.

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Lovely lashes possible!!!

We do take care of our hairs but why we do not practice the same thing for our eyes? You can have thicker and beautiful eyelashes with the assistance of Careprost eye drops. You lashes also need day night care if you want to have them denser and stronger. This medication works best than your beauty products for gaining eyelash beauty. You are surely gonna fall in love with your eyelashes.

Careprost eye drops are the ophthalmic eye solution that is meant for thickening eyelashes and making them look bigger and denser. Careprost eye drops have active generic BIMATOPROST. These work in preventing hypotrichosis and promote better growth of eyelashes. This comes under the class of drugs that is prostaglandins. It elevates the number of eyelash hairs and the amount of time they need to grow.

Advantages of Careprost eye drops are as:

  • For treating Glaucoma
  • Increasing eyelash length
  • Preventing ocular hypertension

The composition of this Careprost eye solution:

This solution has an active composition as 0.03% w/v. It is a clear sterile eye solution that is available as 3 ml solution.

The frequency of its application and how to use:

This should be applied once within a day at night time every day. Apply at the same time every day. Take single eye drop over an applicator and then brush it over the upper eyelashes. Close your eyes for some time so that it is applied to lower eyelashes also. Remove the excess of the solution with tissue paper. Keep using this medicine for up to 4 to 16-week time duration.

NEVER apply this medicine when:

  • You have allergic reactions to its components
  • You have recently undergone some surgery or have an inflammation

Some safety precautionary tips:

  • Keep your hands clean and then dry before or after applying this eye solution.
  • Discard the applicator after its application.
  • One should not touch the bottle tip and applicator tip as contamination is possible.
  • Remove your contact lens before application of this eye solution and reinsert then back after 15 minutes.
  • If using any other eye drop then keep 5 minutes gap in between the two dosages.
  • Do not use less or more than prescribed by your doctor.

Some harmful effects seen with this ophthalmic preparation are as eye irritation, redness of an eye, itchy eyes, dry eyes, and swelling of your eyelids.

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