The attraction for something is generally intolerable. Likewise, if somebody allures to look into your lovely eyes with such beautiful eyelashes, then it is the most anticipated thing that you would not hope to melt. Therefore, let the beholder grasp into your eyes beauty and let them enter your soul through the window of eyes by accomplishing eye-catching eyelashes with the use of Careprost eye drop.

Careprost eye drop is helpful for you in achieving that mesmerizing effect of eyes by attaining thick, long, and dark eyelashes. Careprost eye drop is a prominent brand of an ophthalmic solution containing Generic Bimatoprost, which was previously used as a remedy for the condition of glaucoma. Later, it has become the widely used solution for eyelashes after the approval of FDA for its beneficial effects on eyelashes.

The therapeutic action of Careprost eye drop:

Bimatoprost moiety belongs to the class of prostaglandin analog, which aids in maintaining the pressure in eyes during the condition of glaucoma. Hence, the condition of short and lacking eyelashes called as hypotrichosis or Madarosis of eyelashes, a Careprost eye drop is used effectively for making eyelashes long, dense, and thick. This is achievable by making the hair follicles to stay for longer during growth (anagen) phase and lesser in resting (telogen) phase during the hair growth cycle. This treats the eyelash condition and makes them beautiful by growing them dark, thick, and dense.

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Usage regimen of Careprost eye drop:

Careprost eye drop should be used for one time a day in the evening before going to bed for the purpose of eyelashes. Thus, an applicator is provided with the Careprost eye drop bottle that you can effectively and easily use for applying the solution or you can take help of a clean and dry eyeliner brush or Q-tips also. Thus, after placing a drop of Careprost solution at the applicator tip draw a line at the margin of the upper lash line. Wipe the extra fluid and avert the application for more than the suggested dosage else, can result in eye worsening.

Close your eyes so that solution meets the lower lash line also so there is no need to apply at the bottom part. It is usually advised to apply Careprost eye drop for the period of 12-16weeks.

While using Careprost, some undesirable responses may be observed such as pigmentation of the iris, itching, dryness, or redness in eyes, dizziness, headache, hazy vision, sensitivity increase to light, or mild sense of burning at the applied area. Hence, it is unsafe to use Careprost eye drop during pregnancy, lactation, in children, and elderly people.

Following contraindications and safety measures must be taken care with the use of Careprost eye drop-

  • Oversensitivity to any moiety of Careprost eye drop or any kind of ophthalmic condition is contradictory for the use of this ophthalmic solution.
  • Contact lenses and makeup removal are advised before applying Careprost else, the interaction can occur and affect your eyes.
  • An interval of 10-15minutes is suggested after using Careprost if you are needed to reinsert the lenses or use any other suggested medication.
  • Do not touch the Careprost bottle tip else, this may contaminate the solution.

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