Hey all good-looking girls, it is time to make your eyelashes thicker. But how is it possible? Yes, this is something that you need to wonder about? It is as much easier as pie. There is a need to use a right an eyelash growth serum such as Latisse eye drops. Just after a few applications, you get wonderful results. All men are a sucker for a beautiful pair of eyes. Anyone who can play with her eyes at a guy can often get him to do her command. The best example is our history as men from that time remains able to flatter the magic of their eyes, and making men’s fool. This is because a woman captivated him by fluttering her eyes and the thick long dark eyelashes appear to have a mesmerizing effect.

However, the problem is not all girls have such type of look, especially the long dark eyelashes that work as a great power when used in a right way. There are so many girls who would love to have this ability but the problem is their eyelashes are short and thin. For enhancing their eye beauty they take help of mascara or fake eyelashes. There is a problem with fake eyelashes as they are temporary and have to be removed especially when you are sleeping. Apart from those fake eyelashes seems to be artificial so while they may effective in highlighting your beauty but when you blink mostly everyone will know that they are fake and that the effect is, if anything, nobody more than a frontage.

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Latisse eye drops are a famous eyelash growth serum which makes your eyelashes thicker and longer. Just after its 3 weeks of application, you can notice a dramatic effect. This medicinal preparation makes you realized your hidden beauty and confidence as thicker and darker eyelashes gives you a great sense of confidence. As you become stronger and confident so you look better in all of the aspects. Daily usage of this medicine makes your eyes naturally beautiful so that you remain all-time gorgeous. However, this medication is advised for the management of open angle glaucoma. The generic moiety present in Latisse eye drops is Bimatoprost that is the secret of many actresses for eyelashes.

Now your concern is how to apply Bimatoprost  to your eyelashes. You just need to use it at night before sleeping. Taking your makeup out, you just need to take one drop of medication on the sterile applicator and apply it to the upper margin of lashes like as of thin liner. Don’t apply it to lower eyelids as when you blink it will apply automatically. Use it 16 weeks to get a beautiful flattery eye. For treating open eye glaucoma use one drop in each eye, once in a day.

Bimatoprost falls under the category of prostaglandin class of drug. Just after application it will boost the anagen phase of eyes hair cycle and lessen the telogen phase of the hair cycle. By this way, it causes hair growth and makes your eyelashes longer, darker and curly lashes. It acts by minimizing the increased fluid pressures inside the eye causes glaucoma and prevents the blindness to happen.

The reported side effects of Bimatoprost are feeling of a foreign substance in the eyes, swelling of eyes, irritation, dying, watery eyes, tear formation, dizziness, sleepiness and unclear vision. But first, you need to take some cautions before applying it to your eyes. You are advised to take out your eye makeup before using this medication. Your vision gets hazy after using it so don’t drive.

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