Abortion is none less than a boon for those patients that were made intentionally pregnant by brutally destroying their self-respect via the act of incest or the act called rape. Molestation is the worst behavior that one human having penile does with other human having the soft clitoris and the vagina. This is such a bad act that we even do it with animals then how a human can do it with another human. Then how a human can do such a bad thing with other human just because she is weaker in physical strength and you can empower control over her.

A person weaker in strength and soft in emotions should not be attacked as this inhumane as well as a cowardice act. A man is appreciated by his manliness which lies not in ruining the respect of the woman but is said when you protect it with your full efforts. Making sensual connection is not wrong it is made with the consent of the women but anything against her will is not manliness. A woman who by chance fails to protect her respect and due to lack of knowledge or unknowingly gets pregnant with the unwanted pregnancy which in spite of giving her pleasure broke her emotionally can be flushed out from her body by the act which we call abortion.

Abortion is the process of removal of an unwanted fetus from the womb before the women undergo parturition and give childbirth. Abortion can be done via two ways surgical and medical by taking pills. Surgical abortion can be done at any stage whereas Medical Abortion Pills (Mifepristone and Misoprostol Pills you can do before reaching the 9 weeks of gestation using only abortion pills in the pack of MTP Kit.

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The packing of MTP Kit has two generic medications Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The former is available in dosing strength of 200mg that you have to gulp over the empty tummy with a glass full of water without crushing, breaking or chewing the medication. Give 2-day gap and insert all 4 pills of 200mcg Misoprostol either deep inside your vaginal region or put the pills under your tongue and drain out unwanted fetal debris out your uterus. Don’t forget to go for an ultrasound after 14 days so as to confirm that no debris is left within the uterine cavity.

Mifepristone functions by blocking the release of progesterone action and making the fetal tissues deprived of essential vital nutrients and oxygen supply. Mifepristone on other induces a strong contractile movement in the uterus facilitating the drainage of unwanted pregnancy is a natural way by menstruation.

Cautionary measures a woman can take up with MTP kit usage are avoiding the intimacy, lifting heavy weight, take the IUD out of vaginal opening prior you put Misoprostol pills. Take rest and healthy diet avoid junks, alcohol, and excess of coffee.
Adverse effects one can develop with the usage of MTP Kit medications are cold feet, fever, headache, abdominal cramp, breath shortness, heavy menstrual flow and discomfort in the whole body.

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